Initial consultations and examination are charged at approximately £195.00, with additional charges being made for any diagnostic procedures that may need to be carried out during the consultation.

Follow-up appointments are charged at approximately £145, once again with additional charges for diagnostic procedures as required. Please call our office on 00971-4-123-4567 for an accurate estimate of expected fees.

Please be aware that in addition to the Consultation charges, the hospital will also make a charge for use and sterilisation of equipment, X-ray, pathology, medication etc.

Private Medical Insurance

The London ENT Surgeons are all recognized as professional service providers by all major private health insurance companies.

Most insurance companies will require their members to contact them with details of appointments or proposed investigations and procedures prior to attending. You can then ascertain your level of benefits from your insurer. They may then provide you with a pre-authorization number which will ensure your bills are settled promptly.

A referral letter from your GP is often required.

Please note – You are ultimately responsible for the settlement of professional fees. You are responsible for any shortfall between the professional fee and your allowed benefit.

Self-paying Patients

Invoices for consultations and tests should ideally be settled on the day. Our secretaries will be on hand to assist you with payments and will issue receipts.

We are able to accept most credit cards, and our staff are trained to accept credit card payments over the phone maintaining strict confidentiality and security.

Estimates for surgery can be prepared individually and made available upon request after the first consultation and examination.